Network Analyst

Company Name:
SCL Health
Coordinates activities related to the daily operations, maintenance, and modifications of the Enterprise Network.
Responsibile to maximize system availability.
Responsibile to provide direct customer support to resolve customer problems/questions as quickly as possible while providing highest level of service.
Responsibile to provide support to project teams, complete tasks on time, work within a project team environment and contribute to the development of work plans for projects.
Perform troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repairs/fixes for network hardware and software related problems
Coordinate new or changed network addresses for all devices attached to the network
Create and maintain hardware inventory, location, address, and other databases
Track all capacity information for network infra-structure, and associated hardware components
Deploy, administer, and monitor the enterprise network management system to provide monitoring, control, and performance analysis for all LANs and WANs. Maintain accurate database information for all up to date information to be available through the network management system. Coordination of changes through all appropriate entities
Develop network designs, plans, and equipment specifications.
Responsible for the continued integrity of the network with minimal impact to the user community.

Don't Be Fooled

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