POCT Coordinator

Company Name:
SCL Health System
Maintains all clinical laboratory procedures as appropriate for POCT testing, demonstrates to nursing the appropriate laboratory technique for equipment used, test procedures, calculations, normal ranges and safety equipment use.
Instructs POCT nursing contacts on instrument maintenance, quality control procedures and minor troubleshooting procedures for POCT instrumentation. Assists with troubleshooting as necessary.
Assures all POCT regulatory agency requirements are met for POCT testing; including but not limited to competency skills checklists, training and evaluation of new personnel using equipment, and all policies/procedures/standards are met in a timely fashion. Communicates and assists as needed with POCT nursing contacts to assure all documentation is in place and regulatory requirements are met.
Utilizes a teaching role and takes ownership of problems by demonstrating initiative and responsibility for problems associated with POCT testing, supplies, and computer systems. Works with nursing to assure results are entered into computer systems and patient records in a timely manner
Participates in laboratory quality assurance activities, providing feedback to nursing staff of failures and successes and involving the appropriate personnel to address issues identified.
Job Requirements:
Education: Associates degree or equivalent in medical technology, biology or nursing. Bachelors in related field preferred.
Experience: Greater than 3 yrs related experience in point of care testing within a hospital or related setting.
License/Reg/Cert: MLT or MT (ASCP) or nursing credential required

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